Arrow: Caity Lotz to Return as Sara Lance in the Season 6 Finale

Collider — Though Legends of Tomorrow is finishing up its (super awesome) third season in another week*, it won’t be the last that we’ll see of Caity Lotz‘s Captain Sara Lance in the Arrowverse this year. As we were told exclusively today, Lotz will be making an appearance on the season finale of Arrow on May 17th. There are no more details to that storyline as of yet (since Arrow is just now returning from a short hiatus tonight), which means there is a lot to speculate on.

*Before we get to Arrow though, I need everyone to know that not only is the Legends‘ season finale titled “Guest Starring John Noble” (which, you know, he is), but it will feature Grodd trying to attack a young Barack Obama. If you aren’t watching this show, what are you doing with your life?

Back to Arrow — The first thing that comes to mind regarding Sara’s return to Star City is Laurel, and how Quentin is dealing with trying to rehab Earth-2/Black Canary. One wonders if it’ll be a moment of acceptance for Sara, or will she swoop in to slap her dad and remind him this isn’t reallyhis daughter? (Poor Quentin has been through a lot). A less likely possibility is that something from Legends‘ storyline (either the Darhks or something regarding Mallus) will play into Arrow. But as we’ve seen in the past, Arrow is better off when magic isn’t part of its plot.

As for Sara, she’s had a really great character arc on Legends this year, not only in assuming control of the Waverider (which makes so much sense), but also in her battle with her dark nature through Mallus. And, it’s been really nice to see her open up a little more with Ava, and working on having a real relationship (after a number of historical flings, of course, as well as a quick Constantine hookup). Her role on Legends has changed so much from being Black Canary (and then White Canary) on Arrow though, it’ll be interesting to see how she will fit back into their world outside of a full crossover, and what it will mean for that team.


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