Caity Lotz Talks if Sara Will Address Her Father’s ‘Arrow’ Death.

During a recent visit to Legends’ set, Sara Lance actress Caity Lotz spoke to and other outlets about the death of Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), which Sara was present for during Arrow’s season six finale. By and large, Quentin’s death hasn’t really been addressed in subsequent episodes of Legends, but Lotz hinted that it might come up in the future.

“You know, I don’t know. I may be going onto Arrow. I don’t know. It’s something I think that could come back at any time, kind of. Because, obviously, when someone you love like your father passes away, that’s something that will affect your whole life. So even though we haven’t dealt with it now, I still think it’s possible that we would revisit it, but we haven’t yet. There’s so much to do in this season and in this world, and so many characters. It’s hard to fit it all in there, but I’d like to. I’d like to.”, Lotz teased.

Lotz has expressed a similar sentiment about that in the past, essentially saying that Sara’s main processing of her dad’s death happened in between Legends’ third and fourth seasons.

“I think it’s sometimes really hard something that happens on other shows onto your show. Our show is also a comedy now. It’s light and it’s fun, and your dad dying is not so much. Sara dealing with that takes place before the season starts. We talk about it a little.”, Lotz explained back in July.

Even then, it’s safe to say that Sara has a lot on her plate at the moment, especially as she serves as the captain of the team as they hunt down magical fugitives.

“It’s definitely hard. I think it’s becoming more and more like Sara has to be the mom with all these, like a bunch of kids, and it’s difficult for her because you’re constantly trying to manage all these different personalities, and you have to be the one who has your sh*t together all the time so everyone else can freak out or have fun and this and that, and you have to be the one that’s like, ‘Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. We’ll handle it. We’ll do this,’ even if inside you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do?’ Like, you have to keep it cool. So I think it’s hard for her. And yeah, there’s just so many different personalities and new members of the team that are constantly shaking things up, and everybody kind of… Some of the newer people having their own agendas, it’s a difficult thing to try to manage.”, Lotz explained.

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